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Image by Aditya Vyas


We want to help you prepare your Paros Group home for the incoming weather. We are advising the best way to protect your home is to do the following in preparation:

  • Add spigot (hose bib) covers to all exterior bibs. If you have a roof top deck, please do not forget to check and make sure your spigot is covered there as well. 

  • Close all crawl space vents.

  • Secure crawl space door. 

  • If you have a ventless gas fireplace, please read your manual in regards to run time on your individual fireplace. On average, it is recommended that you should turn off your ventless fireplace after 3 hours of continued use. 

  • All Paros homes come with at least one heat pump system, the following is recommended: If the outside temperature drops below 20 degrees, you should switch your heat pump system to Emergency Heat/Auxiliary Heat. You can do this by going to the thermostat and hitting the mode button until it shows Emergency Heat/Auxiliary Heat. 

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