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Meet the Co-Founder and President

Ke Qin, president, and co-founder started Paros Group in 2017 after a 12-year engineering career. Ke first created his niche in the Gulch specializing in high-end modern homes with downtown views. The quality of homes quickly caught the attention of investors and agents who help fuel the company’s rapid growth. Since its inception, Paros Group has completed over 200 homes in Davidson County, primarily in the Gulch, 12th S, Green Hills, East Nashville, Nations, Sylvan Park, and South Nashville.


As the president, Ke oversees land acquisitions, due diligence, development, and construction. Ke’s technical background helped to create robust systems and processes. His in-depth development and construction knowledge is delivering some of the best homes for middle Tennessee


“In the in-fill world, every piece of land has its own shape, topography, and zoning restrictions, therefore every house needs to be custom-designed to achieve the highest and best use for the property and neighborhood.” Ke says, “We pour our hearts into it and the results are seen in final products.”

Licensed Real Estate Agent | License # 72571 

Benchmark Realty, LLC | (615) 432-2919

2500 21st Ave S Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37212

Meet the Co-Founder and Head of Design

In 2014, Rachel and Ke purchased their first flip home in East Nashville. For the next few years, they worked on renovating houses on nights and weekends, while working 9-5 jobs during the day. As Paros Group moved into the new-build space and gained momentum in the Nashville market, Rachel decided to leave her corporate career to join Paros Group full-time in 2019. Her passion for home building runs deep - Rachel’s grandfather was a home builder in a small town in Tennessee and she has many fond memories as a young girl walking job sites with him and seeing the build process firsthand. 

Rachel spends countless hours alongside Ke discussing and planning development opportunities, pouring over architecture drawings, and visualizing how each home needs to look and feel once it’s all completed. Most days you will find her in the field walking jobs to oversee everything from framing layouts, electric, HVAC, and plumbing rough ins, all the way through to the final phase ensuring her overall vision of each home is carried through to the very end. Rachel’s keen attention to detail is evident when you walk into a Paros home and see all the design elements fitting perfectly together. 

“I pour my heart and soul into each one of our projects as if it were going to be my own. I look for little ways to make each home special in its own way – from unique trim designs, distinct paint accents, or the perfect lighting fixture – all so that the homeowner has a well thought out beautifully designed space to call their own”. 

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