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Meet the Founder

Ke Qin, president, and founder started Paros Group in 2017 after a 12-year engineering career. Ke first created his niche in the Gulch specializing in high-end modern homes with downtown views. The quality of homes quickly caught the attention of investors and agents who help fuel the company’s rapid growth. Since its inception, Paros Group has completed over 100 homes in Davidson County, primarily in the Gulch, 12th S, Green Hills, East Nashville, Nations, Sylvan Park, and South Nashville.


As the president, Ke oversees land acquisitions, due diligence, development, and construction. Ke’s technical background helped to create robust systems and processes. His in-depth development and construction knowledge is delivering some of the best homes for middle Tennessee


“In the in-fill world, every piece of land has its own shape, topography, and zoning restrictions, therefore every house needs to be custom-designed to achieve the highest and best use for the property and neighborhood.” Ke says, “We pour our hearts into it and the results are seen in final products.”

Licensed Real Estate Agent | License # 72571 

Benchmark Realty, LLC | (615) 432-2919

2500 21st Ave S Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37212

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